10 ‘Easter Egg’ Web Services Every Business Can Use

April 25, 2011

Not quite in time for Easter, but better late than never!

In the automotive enthusiast world, an “easter egg” is a feature of the vehicle that you don’t know about, but which pleasantly surprises you. This can be a setting on the navigation screen, or a hidden compartment in the armrest, or something of that nature. In essence, an “easter egg” is something that isn’t readily visible, but which you are excited to find.

When you’re running a business, these types of easter eggs are generally services or products you find that make your job easier to do – generally for free. For good measure, I’ll also include some techy, geeky little widgets that will make your site look better.

So, just in time to make your Monday a little better, I give you 10 Easter Egg Web Services Every Business Can Use – complete with explanatory videos. Pace yourselves.

1. GetFlow

This one is really new, and I have yet to use it, but it seems so cool that I couldn’t resist sharing. A video says 1,000,000 words, so check the video above. Free to use!

2. eLance

If you aren’t using eLance, you’re missing out. I almost resent the fact that other business owners are catching on to eLance, because it has been my competitive edge for years. In a future post I will give some guidelines on how to outsource properly and effectively. For now, check it out. Free to use, just pay the cut-throat rates of the service providers.

3. HelloBar

Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Seth Godin…Me… Yep, pretty much all the big names are using this innovative tool to call visitors to action. Check it out. Freer than OJ.

4. TaskRabbit

Um. Awesome. You’re telling me that for $75, I can have someone wait in line at Apple and pickup my iPhone 5 FOR me? Err.. I mean… I can have someone pick up that shipment of product from my importer and bring it to my warehouse? Whether you use this for personal or business, it’s bound to save you a ton of time, for very little coin. Free to use, just pay the runner a nominal fee.

5. nivoSlider

To brand yourself “the world’s most awesome” anything is a tall order – but nivoSlider lives up to it. A utility for making banners “slide” – or change and refresh in a sexy and visually appealing way – nivoSlider is fully customizable, fully awesome, and fully free. Enjoy it at Dev7Studios

6. DryIcons

Ever wonder why the icons on all of my clients websites look better than the icons on yours? DryIcons. Free for personal use, dirt cheap for commercial use. ‘Nuff said.


Another website I am reluctant to share. This awesome article-spinning tool will help you make 1 article into 100 for all of your SEO needs. It is one of the only web-based article spinners (if you don’t know what that is, Google it) that I get along with, and it even stores your articles server side. Ausum!

8. 3DBin

This might not be useful for every business, but I think it will be pretty great for most. 3DBin lets you make, well, 3D images of products. Free to try, affordable to use.

9. Opsound.org

Whatever business you are running, you need music for all types of things. Hold music, music in your lobby, music for your promotional videos. Finding quality music that is easily available, original, and affordable can be difficult. Enter Opsound. Thanks to the creative commons, music on opsound is free to use. Wade through the thousands of tracks and find something you like – for any purpose.

10. Relenta

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software can be daunting – and expensive. Relenta is a much less intensive and corporate alternative to SalesForce or even Zoho, and I have heard a lot of great things about it. It’s free to try and affordable to use.

What secret or special web services does your business use? I’m not talking about the Google Docs or TweetDecks of the web, but those little easter eggs that help make your business run smoothly?

Thanks for reading

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