Customer Service Review & Analysis

Whether you are in retail itself or merely a manufacturer, every business has a customer in some form or another. The way you treat that customer, and the steps you take to ensure his or her satisfaction, should be one of the principal focuses of your business.

Customer service issues cannot be left unresolved for long; brand equity is painstakingly built and very easily lost.

What are you doing right for your customers? What are doing wrong or not at all? Where is the happy medium between your customer’s desires and your realistic capabilities? All of these questions require careful analysis.

Through my numerous years in a direct retail industry, I am able to share both the lessons and mistakes I have made, and an objective outlook. Perhaps your customers are making unreasonable demands or expectations – but most likely, they are not.

By carefully evaluating your customer service procedures, hiccups, and triumphs together, we are able to design new policies and practices. No situation is too complicated; returns, angry customers, rewards programs, late payments – I’ve seen it all.

An actual chart of customer satisfaction at a client company.

An actual chart of customer satisfaction at a client company.