Magento Sales Rep Commission Manager

Are your sales representatives meeting their quotas? Are their sales numbers increasing week over week, decreasing, or staying flat? Did that incentive you gave Julianne last week result in higher sales from her this week?

If you are a small business owner operating a Magento Web Store, these are questions you have no doubt had. Unfortunately, they have probably gone unanswered, unless you are manually monitoring every single sale.

Just wanted to let you know that this module is going to save of a heap of time. The extension and the guide are exceptional. Great work!

-Scot S.,The Arrival Store
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Feature Basic Pro
Sales Reporting for Any Specified Time Period Included Included
View Exact Orders for Each Sales Rep Included Included
View Employee Performance Changes Over Time Included Included
Automatically Credit Back-End (Manual) Orders to the Appropriate Representative Included Included
Customizeable Checkout Messages Included Included
Specify Which Employees Display in the Front End Selector Included Included
Enable or Disable Front Page Representative Selection Included Included
Retroactively Change the Sales Rep on an Order (Admins Only) Included Included
Customizeable and Automated Email Reporting to Employees & Admins Not included Included
Establish and Track Actual Commission Earnings With an All-New Report Not included Included
Customize Commission Rates for Each Employee Not included Included
Advanced Administrator Roles and Permissions Not included Included
Track Commission Earnings As Paid, Unpaid, or Ineligible Not included Included
See Historical Data on Commission Payouts, Prevent Mistakes Not included Included
Show Commission Earnings & Status In Each Order Not included Included
Limit Commission Information Visible to Employees (Optional) Not included Included
Show Sales Rep, Commission, and/or Commission Earnings in the order grid (Optional) Not included Included
Input orders for any employee using a streamlined back-end rep selector (Optional) Not included Included
49.99 149.99
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Click below for video demonstrations. If you have time, we suggest watching both, as they compliment one another.


Basic Edition

Covers installation and in-depth use for Basic features.

Pro Edition

Highlights only the key differences between Basic & Pro.

Many customers are interested in our software module for unique or industry-specific purposes. Others have unusual challenges, such as hundreds of sales reps or region-specific selection of sales reps.

Because of this, we offer full-fledged customization services. We are happy to consider any request, small or large, to tailor our software to your individual needs.

We have successfully implemented a number of customizations for our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Sales Rep selection using an AJAX-powered autocomplete search bar
  • Division of Sales Rep lists into Regions, Zip Codes, and States
  • Specification of per-product commission rates, as opposed to per-representative
  • Alteration of reporting requirements and visual displays
  • And More!

To receive an affordable quote for your one-off customization, please Contact Us.


Tested With:

Basic: Community Edition 1.4-1.7

Pro: Community Edition 1.5-1.7

Now compatible with Magento Enterprise! Custom Installation Required.

Please Contact Us for a quote on any custom work you wish to incorporate.
Manual installation may be required for 1.4.1.

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Simple and quick installation. Easy to use and configure. Quick response to support questions. What more can you want?!
Hans D., WebsiteTemplatePros

Our easy-to-use module empowers you to:

  • Track sales by day, week, month, or year
  • Tabulate and compile commissions earnings (Pro)
  • Keep track of which commissions have been paid out (Pro)
  • See sales  for any specified time period
  • View an employee’s change in performance for any time period
  • See the exact sales figures – and their corresponding order numbers – for every employee, across any time period
  • Track sales rep for orders that come in through your front page
  • Ensure that orders put in manually through your admin panel are also credited to the appropriate representative
  • Create fun and motivational sales competitions within your own company
  • Automatically receive email reports for you and your employees (Pro)
  • Modify permissions to see who can and cannot view commission information (Pro)
  • View representative and commission info at-a-glance from a modified order grid (Pro)
  • Enable or Disable front page rep selection
  • Input orders for other reps using an optional back-end selector (Pro)
  • Admins can retroactively change the sales rep on the view order screen

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. Our Magento Sales Rep Commission Module adds a configurable drop-down menu to your site’s one-page-checkout. You specify the message, for example “Which Representative Helped You Today?” as well as the options. You can leave employees out, or add extra names if you want your organization to seem larger than it is.

Next, this information, along with information for manually submitted orders (phone orders, for example) is compiled, and easily accessed through the “Reports” heading in your admin panel. If you have the “Pro” version, you can even specify custom commission rates, and use the added reporting functionality to manage and keep track of which commissions have been paid out, and which ones have not.

Everything works as if it were an out-of-the-box Magento feature. The interfaces look the same, the code follows accepted Magento programming practices, and it generates your reports lightning fast.

Purchase today and see how Lucid Path’s Sales Rep Commission Manager puts you back in control of your team.
Installation is automated through Magento Connect – Simply go to and upload the downloaded files where it says “Direct package file upload.” Installation will be completed on the server automatically. For modified stores, professional installation available.

All sales are final
Lucid Path cannot guarantee compatibility with third party modules. In the event of a conflict, we can repair your installation at a rate of $100/hour
Protected: Extended Order Statuses

Protected: Extended Order Statuses

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