Your Download Credentials

Thanks for your purchase of Item #1379 – Magento Sales Rep Commission Module.

Do-It-Yourself Installation:

You may download your purchase using the following link:

Username: 3M079774NC404781C
Password: Y*5034zoYCL11KM

This link is unique to you. Please do not share it with anyone, or send anyone an unauthorized copy of our software, or your license will be disabled.

If your installation of Magento features Magento Connect automatic installer, simply visit and upload the .tgz file as is where you see “Direct Package File Upload.” Installation will proceed automatically.

If your site does not have Magento Connect, you will need to unarchive the .tgz file and manually copy the files into the appropriate directories, copying the file structure and hierarchy shown in the archive. Make sure all files are properly in place.


If you have any difficulties, please flush your cache’s by going to Config -> Cache. Then please log out and back in again. This resolves approximately 90% of all issues.

Feel free to reply to this email with any further issues. Some installation charges may apply if the issue is due to user error.

Professional Installation:

If you purchased our professional installation service, you do not need to download the file. Please provide your complete FTP login details and Magento admin credentials by replying to your receipt email (if you’ve not provided them in the PayPal order comments) and we will proceed to install the module. To avoid downtime or user interference, we typically install between the hours of 8pm and 6am Pacific Standard Time (PST). We aim to complete all installation requests within 48 hours.